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Resenting Chinese Government and Companies is a Waste of Energy

For any­one (such as Bob Lutz) who thinks that mak­ing part­ner­ship alliances with Chi­nese com­pa­nies is bad for Amer­i­ca, it’s prob­a­bly a good idea to let that idea go. Lutz, a Flori­da Con­gress­man, and two U.S. sen­a­tors have ques­tioned whether bat­tery-mak­er A123 Sys­tems should receive the rest of its gov­ern­ment grant in light of a deal with a Chi­nese firm to invest in the fal­ter­ing com­pa­ny. Wanx­i­ang Group may very well invest up to $450 in A123 Sys­tems and take an 80% own­er­ship stake in the bat­tery mak­er. Expect­ing trans­paren­cy and account­abil­i­ty to those receiv­ing fed­er­al loans and grants makes much sense, but crit­i­ciz­ing involve­ment with the Chi­nese gov­ern­ment or com­pa­nies is a lost cause – just ask Gen­er­al Motors, Ford, Vol­vo, and oth­er major automak­ers with own­er­ship stakes in Chi­nese com­pa­nies, or vice ver­sa.

Invest­ment by Chi­nese firms in com­pa­nies like A123 Sys­tems and Pro­tean Elec­tric, and elec­tric car prod­uct line­ups being rolled out by com­pa­nies like BYD, have much to do with Chi­nese gov­ern­ment poli­cies push­ing for green vehi­cles and tech­nolo­gies and renew­able ener­gy sources.. Sales of elec­tric vehi­cles haven’t gone very far yet in Chi­na – taxi fleets and oth­er nich­es are tak­ing them on. Con­sumers are only gain­ing lim­it­ed inter­est in the gov­ern­ment incen­tives offered, and in tak­ing on an EV for pos­si­bly their very first car ever.

In this issue, check out the video inter­view with Cur­tis Mar­tin, Pro­gram Coor­di­na­tor for Ante­lope Val­ley Clean Cities Coali­tion, on the week­ly Clean Cities web-based radio show on advanced vehi­cle tech­nol­o­gy and alter­na­tive fuels. And read the arti­cle right below the videos on the “Clean Across Amer­i­ca & Back 2012 CNG Road Trip” that Mar­tin is part of mak­ing hap­pen.


Video News & Views
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Clean Cities Radio

Cur­tis Mar­tin, Pro­gram Coor­di­na­tor for Ante­lope Val­ley Clean Cities Coali­tion, describes the week­ly Clean Cities web-based radio show that pro­vides much-need­ed infor­ma­tion and edu­ca­tion on the advance­ment of alter­na­tive fuels and petro­le­um reduc­tion.

Clean Cities Radio
CURTIS MARTIN Program Coordinator, Antelope Valley Clean Cities Coalition
Bringing Wireless Charging to Market
ANTHONY THOMSON VP Business Development & Marketing, Qualcomm
Most Compelling Fuel Economics
SAM THOMAS CEO, Chart Industries
Education and Awareness

CNG Road Trip Aimed at Raising Public Awareness


To grow pub­lic aware­ness and sup­port for alter­na­tive fuel vehi­cles, espe­cial­ly the com­pressed nat­ur­al gas infra­struc­ture, a hus­band and wife team will dri­ve their 2009 Hon­da Civic GX from Los Ange­les to Atlantic City, N.J., using pub­lic access refu­el­ing sta­tions, both there and back. Ante­lope Val­ley Clean Cities Coali­tion and online nat­ur­al gas vehi­cle owner’s com­mu­ni­ty have part­nered to orga­nize “Clean Across Amer­i­ca & Back 2012 CNG Road Trip.” With the 13,000 mem­ber, there’s an oppor­tu­ni­ty for this road trip to become a car­a­van of CNG vehi­cles through stages of the trip. It will launch on or around Oct. 12, 2012 in the Los Ange­les area at an Odyssey Day 2012 press event. Hus­band and wife team of Gary and Eve­lyn Cor­bitt will arrive in Indi­anapo­lis on Oct. 18 at the nation­al launch event for Nation­al AFV Odyssey Day 2012, end­ing up in Atlantic City, N.J. for a press event orga­nized by New Jer­sey Clean Cities Coali­tion. The west­bound return trip will start on Oct. 23rd, and end back in Cal­i­for­nia at anoth­er ceremony/press event.

A Civic GX cross-coun­try road trip was last done in 1998, as a pro­mo­tion for the 1998 Hon­da Civic GX. This time, the road trip is well posi­tioned to pro­mote the advan­tages offered by own­ing and oper­at­ing vehi­cles pow­ered by clean, domes­tic fuels, such as com­pressed nat­ur­al gas. The event will be tied into the nation­al kick-off press event for Nation­al Alter­na­tive Fuels Odyssey Day 2012, in Indi­anapo­lis, IN, and par­tic­i­pate in CNG relat­ed press events across the coun­try. All activ­i­ties and press events will be done in coor­di­na­tion with Clean Cities Coali­tions in var­i­ous cities through­out the coun­try. For more infor­ma­tion, con­tact Cur­tis Mar­tin, Pro­gram Coor­di­na­tor, AV Clean Cities Coali­tion at 661–492-5916 and view the web­site at

News: Need to Know
Posawatz Brings Chevy Volt Experience to Troubled Fisker Automotive

Fisker Auto­mo­tive has recruit­ed anoth­er indus­try vet­er­an to guide it through trou­bled waters. Tony Posawatz is the new CEO, after 25 years with Gen­er­al Motors and an impor­tant role in the design of the Chevy Volt. He replaces Tom LaSor­da, who pre­vi­ous served as Chrysler’s CEO, and put in less than a year as Fisker’s CEO. Posawatz has a full plate as the com­pa­ny goes through yet anoth­er safe­ty crises after a sec­ond plug-in hybrid lux­u­ry car, Kar­ma, unex­pect­ed­ly caught fire recent­ly.

Fisker Auto­mo­tive is strug­gling to put togeth­er move the prod­uct through the pipeline, and come up with the cash it needs to launch its sec­ond mod­el, the Atlantic. Posawatz is excit­ed about being part of a team bring­ing to mar­ket what he calls the “true answer to the propul­sion tech­nol­o­gy of the future.”


Republican Senators Challenge DOE Grants Being Allowed for A123

Repub­li­can Sen­a­tors John Thune and Chuck Grass­ley wrote a let­ter to Ener­gy Sec­re­tary Steven Chu this week ques­tion­ing whether bat­tery-mak­er A123 Sys­tems should receive the rest of its gov­ern­ment grant as the deal comes togeth­er with China’s Wanx­i­ang Group. Corp. invest­ing in A123. This occurred not long after U.S. Rep­re­sen­ta­tive Cliff Stearns, a Flori­da Repub­li­can. Stearns, author of a pend­ing bill intend­ed to pre­vent more sit­u­a­tions like the Solyn­dra scan­dal, said that A123’s financ­ing arrange­ment with Wanx­i­ang rais­es pos­si­ble secu­ri­ty con­cerns.

The pro­posed deal between A123 and Wanx­i­ang has drawn the atten­tion of crit­ics of the Oba­ma administration’s green com­pa­ny invest­ments.


Building Infrastructure

Intertek Whitepapers Cover Latest in EV Battery Technologies and Industry Standards


Tim Hub­bard, region­al vice pres­i­dent glob­al auto­mo­tive – elec­tric vehi­cle for Intertek, spoke to Auto­mo­tive Digest at EVS26 in Los Ange­les ear­li­er this year, and explained what needs to be stud­ied and ana­lyzed when accu­rate indus­try stan­dards for EV bat­ter­ies are being writ­ten. Intertek is a provider of qual­i­ty and safe­ty solu­tions serv­ing a wide range of indus­tries around the world. Hub­bard and his col­leagues work with clients to min­i­mize the adverse health and envi­ron­men­tal impact of their prod­ucts and process­es “for the ben­e­fit of soci­ety as a whole,” the com­pa­ny says. From audit­ing and inspec­tion, to test­ing, qual­i­ty assur­ance and cer­ti­fi­ca­tion, Intertek pro­vides exper­tise, resources, and glob­al reach to sup­port its cus­tomers through its net­work of more than 1,000 lab­o­ra­to­ries and offices and over 30,000 peo­ple in more than 100 coun­tries around the world.

As elec­tric vehi­cles, their bat­tery sys­tems, and charg­ing net­works are being devel­oped and imple­ment­ed around the world, com­pa­nies like Intertek are play­ing a crit­i­cal role in edu­cat­ing key play­ers and mak­ing sure inter­na­tion­al stan­dards are being accu­rate­ly adopt­ed as these new tech­nolo­gies come to mar­ket. Three whitepa­pers offer a com­pre­hen­sive look at the resources Intertek offers, cov­er­ing new bat­tery tech­nolo­gies, wire­less charg­ing, and mod­el­ing and sim­u­la­tion. (You can click on the links below to read the whitepa­per report.)

Bat­tery Tech­nolo­gies – A Gen­er­al Overview & Focus on Lithi­um-Ion

Wire­less Pow­er – Cut­ting the Cord on Elec­tric Vehi­cles

Mod­el­ing the Lithi­um-Ion Bat­tery

Effort to Gain Employer Support for EV Charging Stations Kicks Off at Google HQ


Held at Google’s Moun­tain View, Calif., cam­pus, CALSTART recent­ly host­ed a work­shop aimed at bring­ing elec­tric vehi­cle charg­ing infra­struc­ture to work­places through­out the state. Keynot­ed by U.S. Dept. of Ener­gy rep­re­sen­ta­tives, David San­dalow, Act­ing Under­sec­re­tary of Ener­gy and Asst. Sec­re­tary for Pol­i­cy and Inter­na­tion­al Affairs, and Dr. David Daniel­son, Asst. Sec­re­tary, Ener­gy Effi­cien­cy and Renew­able Ener­gy, the event served as the start­ing point for what CALSTART aims to make a nation­wide cam­paign to engage employ­ers in the effort to expand the elec­tric vehi­cle mar­ket.

“Employ­ers can serve as the ‘cav­al­ry’ of the EV move­ment, ” said CALSTART Pres­i­dent and CEO, John Boe­sel. “By installing charg­ers at the work­place, employ­ers can help extend the effec­tive dai­ly range of an elec­tric vehi­cle. Elec­tric­i­ty is a new fuel that is par­tic­u­lar­ly easy for an employ­er to sup­port. We are excit­ed about the many employ­ers who want to be lead­ers in the effort to clean our air and reduce the nation’s depen­dence on oil.”

The new CALSTART pro­gram, The EV Employ­er Ini­tia­tive, is focused on sup­port­ing exist­ing firms who want to expand their work­place charg­ing efforts, and help oth­er firms learn about the best prac­tices and ways to imple­ment such pro­grams. By imple­ment­ing EV pro­grams in the work­place, CALSTART says, employ­ers are sup­port­ing the EV indus­try by doing the fol­low­ing:

  • Extend­ing the effec­tive range of EV’s by allow­ing a sec­ond full charge dur­ing work hours;
  • Act­ing as “show­rooms” where employ­ees can see cars being dri­ven to work and learn about them from their col­leagues.

Stakeholder Editorial Advisory Group
  Green Automotive Digest Stakeholder Editorial Advisory Group

Green Machine Digest2

GAD is receiv­ing valu­able feed­back, news, insights, per­spec­tives, and edu­ca­tion from its Stake­hold­er Edi­to­r­i­al Advi­so­ry Group:

• Christo­pher Ashcraft, Clean Cities Coor­di­na­tor, Alamo Area Coun­cil of Gov­ern­ments
• Pat Char­la, Lim­ou­sine Envi­ron­men­tal Action Part­ners; and Clean Vehi­cle Solu­tions
• Stephen Ellis, Amer­i­can Hon­da Motor Co.
• Brett Hauser, EV Con­nect
• Cur­tis Mar­tin, Coor­di­na­tor, Ante­lope Val­ley Clean Cities
• Jake Mil­lan, Pro­pel Fuels
• Richard Oki­da, Toy­ota Finan­cial Ser­vices
• Chuck Park­er, Auto­mo­tive Digest
• Hugh Sears, Toy­ota Finan­cial Ser­vices
• Craig Shields,
• Richard Stein­haus, Coor­di­na­tor, Long Beach Clean Cities Coali­tion
• Greg Tabak, Enter­prise Hold­ings
• Michael Tay­lor, Propane Research & Edu­ca­tion Coun­cil
• Peter Ward, Alter­na­tive Fuels Advo­cates, LLC
• For­est Williams, Lib­er­ty Plu­g­Ins

Events, Webinars, Studies, Etc.

The Marx Group on Effective Green Marketing in Aftermarket

The Marx Group  

Every­body talks about being “green” in their busi­ness prac­tices and con­sumers often say they want to buy “green” prod­ucts. But the dis­par­i­ty between talk and action is often wide.

One of the green­est seg­ments of the auto­mo­tive after­mar­ket is the reman­u­fac­tur­ing indus­try. For reman­u­fac­tur­ers, green is an 80-year old mes­sage and one that indus­try trade asso­ci­a­tions are good at pro­mot­ing. Through edu­ca­tion­al fly­ers, the Auto­mo­tive Parts Reman­u­fac­tur­ing Asso­ci­a­tion (APRA) empha­sizes the num­ber of Amer­i­can “green” jobs and the envi­ron­men­tal ben­e­fits derived from reman­u­fac­tur­ing.

The green mes­sages are: 1) Reman­u­fac­tur­ing Cre­ates Jobs — Good Jobs! and 2) Reman­u­fac­tur­ing is the Solu­tion to Ener­gy and Mate­r­i­al Con­ser­va­tion.

The Auto­mo­tive After­mar­ket Indus­try Asso­ci­a­tion (AAIA) cam­paign tells the after­mar­ket green sto­ry. Go to to find out more and to down­load mate­ri­als.

Even if your com­pa­ny is not a reman­u­fac­tur­er, “green” is some­thing you should embrace and can offer a huge sell­ing point when telling your sto­ry. A look at all your busi­ness prac­tices may uncov­er envi­ron­men­tal strengths with­in your com­pa­ny, such as the use of recy­cled parts or renew­able resources.

Keep in mind that the “green” mes­sage can be used to attract social­ly-con­scious young peo­ple who are look­ing for jobs that sup­port the green cause. It can also cre­ate good­will with cus­tomers and build aware­ness of your prod­ucts.

To help you go green, The Marx Group invites you to down­load a green mar­ket­ing work­sheet at:

Seventh Annual AltCar Expo Coming Up in Late September

AltCar Expo  

Explore the largest col­lec­tion of hydro­gen, elec­tric and nat­ur­al gas vehi­cles avail­able to fleets on the West Coast at the 7th Annu­al Alter­na­tive Ener­gy and Trans­porta­tion (Alt­Car) Expo’s “Focus on Fleets” con­fer­ence from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fri­day Sept. 28, 2012. The con­sumer-focused side of Alt­Car Expo will take place the next day, Sat­ur­day, Sept. 29. The con­fer­ence and exhi­bi­tion has been well attend­ed and an exten­sive pre­sen­ta­tion of across the board alter­na­tive tech­nol­o­gy vehi­cles, alter­na­tive trans­porta­tion, urban plan­ning, ener­gy effi­cien­cy, and car­bon foot­print reduc­tion options edu­ca­tion. Alter­na­tive trans­porta­tion experts will share ways to use less ener­gy and reduce car­bon foot­prints with­out mak­ing sig­nif­i­cant lifestyle changes.

NAFA, along with the Munic­i­pal Equip­ment Main­te­nance Asso­ci­a­tion (MEMA) will host a frank dis­cus­sion of the main chal­lenges fac­ing fleets, high­light­ing the need for fund­ing, the chal­lenge of vehi­cle avail­abil­i­ty, and reg­is­ter­ing vehi­cles with the Air Resources Board—a hot top­ic among fleet man­agers. The fleet con­fer­ence fea­tures rep­re­sen­ta­tives from munic­i­pal fleets, state reg­u­la­to­ry agen­cies, and oth­er experts in the field. The Expo is open to the gen­er­al pub­lic Sat­ur­day, Sep­tem­ber 29 at the San­ta Mon­i­ca Civic Audi­to­ri­um, 1855 Main Street in San­ta Mon­i­ca. For fur­ther infor­ma­tion, vis­it or call (310) 390‑2930.

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